Chateau Doors

Doors may reach the maximum measurement of 3500 x 9500 mm. They reach the maximum thickness of 100 mm. They have a double sealing system, ensuring total waterproofing around the entire perimeter of the door. 

Chateau Door Specifications

  • 100% aluminum door skin structure with reinforced Aluminium profiles.
  • 4mm thick ACM plate with PVDF Topcoat and 0.3 mm aluminum foil (inner and outer).
  • Internal Rockwool Insulated for Heat & Acoustic.
  • Fire Resistant ACM Sheet upon Availability.
  • Pivot in stainless steel 304 with ball and roller bearings for loads from 100 to 1200 kg.
  • Double auto-seal (eliminates top and bottom crevices).
  • Q-LON across the entire height of the skin and doorway (eliminates side crevices).
  • Security lock with 3 pin locking points.
  • External handle (black, polished or brushed), 2000mm.

Chateau Door Colors

  • Semigloss Colors.
  • Metallic Colors.
  • Wood Colors.

Chateau Door Additional Features ( Prices Upon Request )

  • Digital locks (Smart Lock).
  • Stainless steel 304 handles from 2000 to 5000 mm. 
  • Pivot with Soft Close (Fritsjurgens).
  • Integrated Handles ( Concealled ).
  • Digital Locks & Multipoint Locking System.

Why Crafted By Degree

 Crafted By Degree is a pioneer within the Aluminium industry levering its expertise on the high finish, Endured strength and endless possibilities The ardour for designing an opening system is a pressure that drives the look for new solutions, trends, technology, design, and setting our system standards at the pinnacle of the market.
The use of modern and extraordinarily particular system method that impeccable finishes are produced on doorways that call for an excessive standard in each detail.
Custom sized doors manufactured by Crafted By Degree’s sealing system guarantees absolute air tightness across the perimeter of the door. This is possible thanks to the use of Q-LON technology, an imported high-performance material.

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